At Richard Kershaw Wines, we currently produce clonal Chardonnay and Syrah, using grapes from the cool climate vineyards of Elgin.
Kershaw Elgin Chardonnay
Clonally defined, site-specific Chardonnay made from Dijon clones 76, 95 & 96 sourced in Elgin. Restrained, mineral style focussed on elegance with a white fruit character, some oatmeal and complexity gained from percipient wood application. Click here to See the tasting notes for 2012 Kershaw Elgin Chardonnay.
Kershaw Elgin Syrah
Clonally defined, site-specific Syrah made from clones 9c & 21 sourced in Elgin. Subtle, precise style built on fine tannins that educes harmony, freshness and flavours of black fruit, iodine, medicinal and black pepper. Selecting the best clonal varieties for the terroir, and the characteristics of the wines we seek to produce, winemaker Richard Kershaw makes wine that is a true reflection of what is in the vine and soil - delicate, fresh, structured and complex.
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